Contactor 9A 240V

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This is an electrical device which is used for switching an electrical circuit on or off. The current passing through the contactor excites the electromagnet. The excited electromagnet produces a magnetic field, causing the contactor core to move the armature(the rotating coil). The three important components of a contactor are: Coil or Electromagnet which is the driving force that is required to close the contacts, Enclosure which provides insulation and protection from personnel touching the contacts. Generally, the open-frame contactor features an additional enclosure, which protects the device from bad weather, hazards of explosion, dust, and oil, and Contacts which performs the task of carrying the current making it an important component of this electrical device.

 Additional Information
Colour Grey
Amps 9A
Voltage 240V
Item Dimensions
Material Plastic
Warranty 1 year