Warranty Policy - Terms and Conditions

Cash Sale Stores Ltd greatly values its customers, and as such, warranty is provided on the products provided it meets the warranty terms and conditions.

The warranty terms and conditions of our products are explained below:

Each product has a warranty coverage period of one (1) year.

  • Cash Sale Stores Ltd is responsible for any kind of factory-defect related problem in the product within the aforementioned warranty coverage period.
  • The product shall be repaired free of cost if there is any problem with its working. In the event that repair does not remedy the problem or should we deem the product to be beyond repair, then the product shall be replaced free of cost.


However, under following conditions, the warranty shall not be provided: 

  • Damaged caused to the product due to the carelessness of the user.
  • Exposure of the product to extreme heat.
  • Mechanical damage sustained on the product due to external forces during mishaps and other unforeseen accidents such as earthquakes and tremors, building structural collapse, vehicular accident during transport by the customer and other similar situations.
  • The components of the product have been disconnected/altered by any other person other than our company’s technician.
  • Product failure due to irregularities, anomalies and/or failure in the electrical power supply system connected to the product.
  • General wear and tear.
  • Scratches, cracks, faded paint and any other cosmetic damage. The customer gives up this right upon completion of purchase of the product, once delivery has been fulfilled by Cash Sale Stores Ltd.
  • The receipt of the purchase was lost or could not be presented to the company at the time of claiming the warranty.


We are sure that our products shall provide you with the comfort you required at the time of purchase.