Insect Killer 6 Watts

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Tronic Insect is a high-quality UV-A LED the best attraction to flies and mosquitoes. It has an average working life of 20,000 hours. A full protective outer mesh for safety against accidental contact by both people and pets, it has robust high voltage inner killing grids of up to 2500V to kill insects instantly, also a detachable collection tray with a button for easy cleaning, it is also slim and elegant looking can fit in well with the surrounding decor, it is ideal for restaurants, hotels, canteens, bakeries, hospitals, offices etc.

 Additional Information
Colour White
Watt 6W
Voltage AC 220-240
Material Plastic
Additional features IP54, 2500V High-voltage Transformer and 8Pcs UV-A LED 
Warranty 1 Year
Application Restaurants, Bakeries, Hotels, Hospitals, e.t.c.