Integrated T5 LED 4 Feet 18 Watts Fitting

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Warm White

Tronic LED T5 is a Convenient replacement for fluorescent tubes. Up to 50% less energy consumption than the traditional T5 fluorescent tube. Like all LEDs, it doesn’t flicker when turning on hence friendly for one's eyesight. Very bright provides 100 Lumens per watt and a total of 1800 lumens for this model, it also has an extendable design one could connect up to 8 lights in series by 48 inches connecting cords or connectors and is perfect for garage, storage area, workbench, basement, home, under cabinet, office general lighting.

Additional Information
Colour Daylight & Warm White
Lamp Type LED
Watt 18W
Voltage AC 220-240
Material Aluminium
Item Dimensions 4ft
Warranty 1 Year
Application Commercial shops, hotels, exhibition halls, office and other places emphasis Home Furnishing lighting.