Mercury Fitting Street Lantern 250 Watts

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Outdoor LED street lights illuminate roads more efficiently than sodium street lights because they are highly directional. It's the ability of light to illuminate more brightness at less energy and is measured in lumens per watt. Suitable for urban roads and highways. Residential, industrial and commercial parking areas.

Additional Information

Colour Silver
Lamp Type E27
Watt 250W
Voltage AC100-240V
Item Dimensions H 365mm x W 425mm
Material Aluminum
Warranty 1 Years
Additional Features
  • High pressure aluminium die-cast body coated with epoxy powder.
  • High purity anodized aluminium reflector built-in control gear.
  • Thermal resistant tempered glass.
  • Spigot mounting: Side Entry.
Application Urban roads and highways Parking areas Residential or industrial areas Parks and commercial areas.