250A 12 Ways Three Phase Distribution Board

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Item Description 250A 12 ways TPN Distribution Board
Functional components Incomer 250A TP MCCB
Outgoing Provision for 1A-63A TP MCB (12pc)
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 250A
Features Readymade & simple, safe operation
Form 2b Type 1 separation
Three Phases Pilot Lamp Indications with Voltage reading for each Phase
Elegant & sleek in appearance
Enclosure details Dimensions 500mm (length) * 700mm (height) * 250mm (depth)
Colour RAL 7032
Coating Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating Textured Finish
Mounting Wall-mountable
Cable entry Bottom
Mechanical Impact Rating IK 10
Ingress Protection Rating IP 66
Material & Coating Steel
Operating environment Water and moisture Minimal water jets and Moisture
Vibration & Gas No strong vibrations and no harmful gases that may corrode the metallic parts or the PVC enclosure and damage the insulation