Automatic Voltage Switcher 3 Phase

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The Automatic Voltage Switcher Protects against over-voltage and under-voltage between AC 190V and 267V on any of the 3 phases as well as loss of a single or more phase. The Tronic 3 Phase Switcher Comes with a maintenance record card for you to properly keep track of the very important maintenance schedules on your unit.

 Additional Information

Colour White
Voltage AC 220-240
Item Dimensions H 180mm x W 130mm
Material PVC
Installation Assembled
Additional Features
  1. Adjustable 90 seconds Delay
  2. Under/Over Voltage Disconnect Manual Adjustable (190V/265V)
  3. Under/Over Voltage Reconnect (197V/262V)
  4. Mains Spike Response Time <10ns
Warranty 1 Year
Application  Protection for: Air Conditioner, Industrial Refrigerator, Pumps, Motors, Compressors and Heavy Machinery.