RCCB 63Amps Three Pole

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RCCB is a safety device that quickly breaks an electrical circuit to protect equipment and to reduce the risk of serious harm from an ongoing electric shock. It is an important safety measure when it comes to protection of electrical circuits. It is a current sensing device, which can automatically measure and disconnect the circuit whenever a fault occurs in the connected circuit or the current exceeds the rated sensitivity. It senses earth leakages and residual currents and ensures protection against electric shock. RCCB does not have overload and short circuit protection features built-in. Therefore, they are used in combination with MCB. RCCB is generally used in series with an MCB which protects them from over current and short circuit current. Both phase and neutral wires are connected through a RCCB device. These are an extremely effective form of shock protection & widely used for protection from a leakage current.

 Additional Information
Colour  White
Amps 63A
Voltage AC 240V
Item Dimensions
Material PVC
Warranty 1 Year
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Application Home or Office