Automatic 11 Step Power Factor Correction Panel 150kVAR

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The power factor correction panels are designed to improve the power factor in electrical systems while ensuring energy and cost efficiency.

An automatic power factor correction unit have a number of capacitors that are switched by means of contactors. These contactors are controlled by a regulator that measures power factor in an electrical network or individual motors.

150kVAR 11 steps Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel without detuned reactors. This unit provides reactive power to a network, depending on the present load, thereby raising the power factor to acceptable level and thus, reducing the reactive power drawn from the main utilities grid.

 Additional Information
Functional components Capacitors switched by contactors using a microprocessor based intelligent controller based on constant sampling of the present power status of the load network
Rated Reactive Power 150kVAR
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 315A
Capacitor Steps 9kVAR 1st & 2nd steps each
11kVAR 3rd, 4th & 5th steps each
14kVAR 6th, 7th & 8th steps each
19kVAR 9th, 10th & 11th steps
Enclosure details Dimensions 800mm (length) * 1700mm (height) * 500mm (depth)
Mounting Freestanding
Cable entry Bottom
IP Rating 55
Operation Modes Automatic
Pilot lamp indications Provided on the Panel Door 3 Phase Supply
Capacitor Steps
Protection Features Under voltage -5 to -25% of Supply Voltage
Overvoltage 5 to 25% of Supply Voltage
Asymmetry 10% fixed
Phase sequence reverse n/a
Phase loss n/a
Operating environment Operating temperature -20 to 45°C
Altitude <2000m asl
Vibration & Gas No strong vibrations and no harmful gases that may corrode the metallic parts and damage the insulation

We offer such panels in the range:

30kVAR, 45kVAR, 60kVAR, 100kVAR, 150kVAR, 200kVAR, 250kVAR, 300kVAR, 500kVAR, 550kVAR.

We can provide power factor correction panels with leading reactive beyond or even below the range depending on customer requirements. The number of steps required can also be customized depending on the customer specifications.