Automatic Transfer Switch 800A

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TRONIC Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controller uses microprocessor as its core which can precisely monitor voltage (loss of main power). The ATS will start functioning in the following circumstances; loss of power, over voltage, under voltage phase. 

 Additional Information
Colour  White
Amps  800A
Voltage AC 230V±30%
Material Aluminium
Additional Information
  • DC power supply: DC(8-35)V between VIN and GND
  • Measured voltage: Rated line voltage 400V; 50Hz/60Hz: 3 phase 4 wire.
  • Range of abnormal power
    Over voltage threshold: 240~290, 5V. Default: 264 5V.
    Under voltage threshold: 164~198V, 5V. Default: 172 5V
  • Voltage normal delay: (1~60) seconds.
  • Voltage abnormal delay: (1~60) seconds, default: 5 seconds.
  • Genset start delay: Issued at a default of 5 seconds.
  • Genset start delay: Is set at default 60 seconds.
  • Envoirment conditions:
    Working Temperature: (-30~+70) C.
    Humidity: (20~95)%RH.
Warranty 1 Year