Busbar Chamber 1000A 30 Way

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The Busbar Chambers is fabricated using sheet steel (CRCA) of 1.6mm thickness and epoxy powder coated to give superior & lasting finish. The busbar sections are made of ETP grade copper & dull tin plated and the busbar supports are made of DMC(Dough molding compound). The neutral busbar is fully rated.

1000A TPN Busbar Chamber is a set of busbar strips housed inside of a freestanding  enclosure designed for safe, reliable and economical distribution of high current to various loads.

 Additional Information
Functional components Tinned Busbar strips for three phase and neutral
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 1000A
No. of outgoing ways 30 ways
Features Readymade & customized solution for safe power distribution
Modular/compact design provides economy of space and cost
Simple and efficient system configuration
Easy, flexible and time saving installation
Shock proof design
Elegant & sleek in appearance
Busbars vertically oriented
Short Circuit Withstand capacity 50kA per second
Enclosure details Dimensions 400mm (length) * 1700mm (height) * 400mm (depth)
Mounting Freestanding
Cable entry Bottom
IP Rating 55
Input/output Terminals M12
Pilot lamp indications Provided on the Panel Door 3 Phase Supply
Phase voltage readings
Operating environment Vibration & Gas No strong vibrations and no harmful gases that may corrode the metallic parts and damage the insulation