Earth Resistance Tester

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The MS2306 is an advance intelligent Earth Resistance Tester. It has been designed to measure the following grounding resistance: grounding which connects conductive parts of electrical devices/facilities in power systems; building to earthing poles through grounding; working ground (used to be operated normally in the electical apparatus of power system); protective grounding (used in the metal case of electrical facilities, the structure of power distribution unit, power transmission poles/towers , signal transmission poles/towers, used to protect people/facility from eletric damage); electrostatic grounding (used to protect the inflammable/explosive goods from electrostatic risks); earthing electrode(the conductive metal which is immersionned in the soil, make sure it contacts well with the earth); ground wire(conductive metal which is connected between the ground terminals of elelctrical devices/facilities and earthing electrode); grounding grid(large grounding unit, consisted of vertical & horizonal earthing electrode used in the power plant/substation, and contributes discharge function, voltage-sharing function) and other grounding devices. The rated AC voltage of the power generation/transmission/transformation/distribution devices should be used under 500KV when measuring by the tester.