Hair Dryer TA HADR-04

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The Hair Dryer TA HADR-04 is an efficient tool for drying your hair. Thanks to its powerful 1100 watts, it dries hair quickly and leaves it looking glossy and smooth. Made with advanced drying technology, it has 2 speed settings, allowing you to find the ideal combination of temperature and airflow for your hair type. Perfect for both styling and drying needs.

Additional Information
Colour White
Voltage AC 220-240V 50Hz
Rated Power
Dryer Size
H 205mm x W 135mm
Dryer Stand Size H 8cm x W 9cm x L 14.5cm
Air Temperature 50-80°C
Air Speed 15-20m/s
Motor Voltage 24V
Motor Type AC Motor
Motor Rate 20000r/min
Shell ABS
Installation Assembled
Warranty  1 Year
Application Bathroom