LED Recessed Downlight 16 Watts

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Day Light
Warm White

This LED Recessed Downlight 16 Watts is the perfect energy-efficient solution for your lighting needs. It offers an impressive 1600 lumens output while consuming only 16W of power. With a long-lasting lifespan, you'll get great illumination with minimal maintenance.

Additional Information
Model EL DL16
Watt 16W
Working temperature -20-40℃
Lifespan 2 years
Working voltage AC 176-264V
Starting voltage 100V
Real power ≥90%
Power factor 0.5PF
Color temperature 3000/4000K/6500K
Color redering index 80
Lumen 1440lm
Luminous efficacy 90lm/w
Beam angle 100
Withstand voltage 3KV
Surge protection 0.5KV
IP Rating IP20