Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

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  1. Turn ON/OFF this device, press and hold the power button for more than 1 second until the power indicator lights up.
  2. Turn ON/OFF the torch by pressing the torch button. If the torch doesn't turn off, it will do so automatically in about 5 minutes.
  3. AC Voltage detection: Insert the device's probe into the power socket or close to the live wire. When the device detects the AC voltage signal, the induction voltage indicator light flashes. According to the detected signal strength, the device can illuminate the corresponding signal intensity indicator (high, middle, low). At the same time , an inbuilt buzzer sends out different alarm sounds corresponding with the level of voltage.
  4. Live/Neutral wire judgement: To differentiate between two wires (i.e., live/neutral) test each wire individually or the socket contact opening if possible. The one with the stronger signal is the live wire. Whereas the one with weak or no signal is the neutral wire.
  5. If the tester has not been used in 5 minutes it will automatically power off.
  6. When the battery voltage is lower than about 2.6V, the power indicator light flashes 3 times, and the buzzer beeps and shuts off automatically.


Additional Information

Colour Red
Voltage DC 1.5V x 2 (two AAA batteries)
Item Dimension


Material Plastic 
Additional Features Torchlight
Application All Commercial and Domestic use
Warranty 1 Year