360 Degrees Indoor Motion Sensor

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This sensor is usually ceiling mounter and is ideal for use in garages, corridors, stairways, halls etc. for turning lights on when It senses motion. It senses motion using infrared sensors and has an inbuilt photocell allowing the user to determine if the lights should come on during the night time only or even during the day. 
This model detects movement up to 8 meters away within a 360° field of view.

Additional Information
Colour White
  • Rated Load:

Voltage Max: AC 220-240 Min: AC 110-130
Material Plastic
Additional features
  • IP20
  • 360-degree
  • Detection Distance: 12m Max(<24 Degrees Celsius)
  • Time Delay:-Min. 10 sec + 3 sec
                      -Max. 7 min + 2 min
  • Ambient Light: <3-2000 LUX (Adjustable)
  • Installation Height: 2.2 - 4m
  • Detection Motion Speed: 0.6 - 1.5m/s
Warranty 1 Year
Application  Lighting upon sensing motion