Remote Control Changeable (3 Shades) Light with Inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker

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This Colour changing light with six different colour options which include; Daylight, Warmwhite, Neutral White, Red, Green and Blue giving you more options than the other lights in the same range. Additionally, the light has Bluetooth enabled speakers allowing you to connect to your mobile devices. A remote is also provided to make navigation easier. The light can also be controlled using your phone via a mobile application.

Additional Information


Colour  White
Lamp Type LED
Watts 30W+5W RGB
Voltage AC 220-240
Item Dimensions H 85mm x W 450mm
Material Plastic
Additional Information
  1. 6 different colours Warm(2700K), Neutral White(4000K), Daylight(6500K), Red, Green & Blue
  2. Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Remote Control device
Warranty  1 Year
Application Living room and Bedroom