Single Phase Energy Meter EM 0015-JC

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Tronic Energy Meters adopt the advanced micro electric technology and SMT techniques etc. Owning the complete intellectual property rights. The technical performances completely conform to International Standards IEC 62053-21 for Class 1 single phase active energy meter. It can measure the active energy consumption accurately and directly from single phase AC power grid of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. The meter with super wide temperature LCD has updated and improved comprehensively in appearance, structure, materials, function, life and other aspects.


 Additional Information
Colour  White
Amp 30-120A
Voltage AC 127-230V
Item Dimensions  H 175mm x W 105mm x D 48.5mm
Additional Features
  • 35mm DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN50022.
  • 6 pole width (modulus 12.5mm), complying with standard JB/T7121-1993.
  • 6+1digits (999999.1kWh) super wide temperature LCD.
  • Equipped with a polarity passive energy impulse output terminal, conforming to Standards IEC 62053-31 and DIN
  • Two LEDs indicate the power state (green) and the energy impulse signal (red) separately.
  • Measure the active energy consumption in one direction on single phase two wire, which is not related with
    the load current ow direction, complying with Standards IEC 62053-21.
  • Direct connection for use. Connection mode: type S.
  • Anti-UV transparent PC meter cover with airtight structure design for waterproof, dust-proof and prevention from tampering.
  • Cool grey ame retardant PC meter bottom and internal structure parts, built-in ne aluminum nameplate and the Class insulation protection design, with the characteristics of moisture proof, flame retardant, thermostability, good weather resistance, high rigidity and excellent insulation property, etc. to ensure a longer service life and a
    more stylish appearance.
  • Transparent PC moulded short terminal cover helps to reduce the mounting space and is convenient for centralized installation.
  • Meter cover and meter bottom can be sealed and the terminal cover can be designed individually sealed, to ensure the tamper-proof function.
Warranty 1 Year
Working Voltage Range 0.8~1.2Un